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The YV-TECH Applied Math classes are geared toward students that need an extra math credit to graduate. The course is ONE trimester long, four days a week, in 3-hour sessions. Students enrolled in Applied Math are able to earn a math credit and still continue in their YV-TECH classes. However, you do not have to be enrolled in a class at YV-TECH to take the Applied Math class.

Sessions Offered: 3:00-6:10PM (Monday - Thursday)

Length of Program: 


Math Skills are important for all aspects of life and work!

Course Outline

Applied Math #1 This class covers topics such as fractions, decimals and percents, problem solving, rounding and estimation, English and metric units of measurements, using charts and graphs, lines and angles, two-dimensional and three-dimensional area and volume, ratios and proportions.

Applied Math #2 This class is a continuation of Applied Math 1 and covers areas such as scientific notation, precision accuracy and tolerance, powers and roots of numbers, using formulas to solve problems, linear and non-linear equations, graphing data, other algebra skills. In the past year, just over 100 students have taken the Applied Math class at YV-TECH and have had an overall passing rate of 85%.


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