Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center

  ***Class Openings Available ***

OPEN: Applied Math Course   NEXT START: Monday, 11/24    (Register Now)          

OPEN: Advanced Design/ Pre-Engineering (12p-2:30p)

OPEN: Auto Collision (8a-10:30a) (12p-2:30p)

OPEN: Auto Tech  (8a-10:30a) (12p-2:30p) (3p-6:10p)

OPEN: Computer Tech / Gaming thru Programming (12p-2:30p)

OPEN: Construction/Carpentry  (12p-2:30p)  

OPEN: Culinary Arts (8a-10:30a) (12p-2:30p)                 

OPEN: Digital Media (12p-2:30p)

OPEN: Firefighting (8a-10:30a)  (12p-2:30p)

OPEN: Electrician / Green Energy Systems (8a-10:30a) (12p-2:30p)

OPEN: Legal Medical/Office Adminsitration (8a-10:30a) (12p-2:30p)

OPEN: Physical Therapy (8a-10:30a)

OPEN: Sunnyside IT/Microsoft Computer Technician Associates    NEXT START 11/24  (Register Now)

OPEN: Sunnyside Nursing (3p-6:10p M-Th)  January Start

OPEN: Sunnyside Welding fabrication (7:45a-10:15a) (12p-2:30p)



1) Download a Registration Form (this website)

     Registration form: is also at counselor's office 

2) Complete the form.

3) Meet with your school counselor.  School counselor will fax in the form to register you

     OR  visit YV-TECH to get the forms 

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